Monochromatic dressing – or dressing top to toe in varying tones of one colour – is one of the most striking trends in fashion this coming season. The idea of adorning ourselves in one colour can be daunting, but offers a unique opportunity to work with the all the rich winter colours, creating playful combinations. It’s all about layering and working with texture, really.


The secret to successful tonal dressing is diversity-within-homogeneity: Layer disparate shades of the same colour one over the other for a futuristic, structured effect. If you’re a tonal novice, start with subtle gradations of neutral, soft-spoken colours such as grey and peach, both of which lend themselves especially well to sartorial shadow-play.


If you ordinarily eschew colour altogether, don’t write off the tonal trend prematurely. It’s possible to achieve the same effect with black, provided you concentrate on introducing diversity with different fabrics. Try pairing metallic-black cotton with black leather and chrome – you’ll be surprised at the enormous scope of the achromatic spectrum.


Part of the beauty of the tonal trend is that it facilitates geometric and textural combinations that would be overwhelming if you were working with a full kaleidoscope of color, but which work perfectly within in a tonal constraint. Animate your outfit with asymmetrical silhouettes, bold pleats, and chunky knitwear: it’s the perfect way to balance the monotony of a single shade.

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