Nineteen global creatives, 24 hours, and one pair of iconic sneakers equals one very cool collaborative campaign. Gucci invited a group of inspiring artists to make 60 second video, using the Ace sneaker — the house’s famous tennis shoe — as the theme and a starting point for their own creativity to take hold.

Instagram: @fiance_knowles
Instagram: @fiance_knowles
Image: Danielle Clough

South African was represented by Danielle Clough, a Cape Town-based artist who encompasses embroidery and felting in her work, and intricately decorated the Ace sneakers with birds and fruit.

All the videos were featured on Gucci’s Instagram account, accompanied by the hashtag #24HourAce, a week before each artist took over the brand’s Snapchat account for an hour to introduce their collaboration. This isn’t the first time Gucci has creatively collaborated (search #GucciGram for 2015’s project) but Clough is the first South African to take part.

Watch Clough's Video: 

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