Moldavian Kelims rug.
Moldavian Kelims rug.
Image: Supplied / Mila Crewe-Brown

It’s safe to say everything HAUS produces features on a wish list of ours at some point. Having expanded their textiles collection, Hertex’ homeware is on point and incredibly desirable. Their Moldavian kelims are no exception - and there are a limited number of them.

Sourced from Moldavia in eastern Europe, these large-format, original, vintage kelims are bold and floral, true to the region’s style, and are becoming highly sought after for their boho, decorative appeal.

They are around 50 years old, handmade from a combination of wool and cotton, and would be ideal as an area rug. However, act fast - they managed to bring in just five of these beauties from abroad.

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