Waveforms Oversized Wall Hanging
Waveforms Oversized Wall Hanging
Image: Supplied

Wall hangings have re-emerged, along with the ’70s style revival, as covetable works of art for the contemporary home, now with frivolous fringes and delicious colour combos. Our recent discovery of LA-based artist Attalie Dexter has confirmed this new appreciation for the craft classic.

Dexter’s Waveforms Oversized has made the cut thanks to its simplicity of form, with a contemporary brass frame that gives the long fringes their composition.  As the name suggests, this hanging is almost a meter wide, bringing impact to just about any space.

“Among other things, I was inspired by arched overhangs with curtains and wanted to create a similar look of depth and texture with oversized wall hangings,” says Dexter, who initially thought the hanging “too colourful and abstract” to be used in a home. Her doubts were soon dispelled as she received an overwhelming response.

Dexter’s use of fluffy mohair silk and smoother merino silk blends gives Waveforms Oversized its luxe appeal and the combo of dusty pink, citrine and navy is a show stopper.

“I put a lot of effort into research and testing materials and I support using materials that are sustainable, natural and from other small, female-owned businesses,” she explains.

They’re available to order on a limited run.

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