Sea-blue tones are the order of the day with Le Creuset’s newest colour-way. The best thing about the French Riviera range are its matte finish, Côte d’Azur inspiration, and the gentle reminder that summer is on the horizon.

To celebrate, here are some lesser-known facts about the luxury French cast-iron brand. For starters, did you know that every cast-iron enamel pot is still made in France? Since 1925, Fresnoy-le-Grand in Aisne has been the original home of the brand, and its first trademark cocotte was conceived by Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq, two Belgians who were experts in casting and enameling.

When it comes to using Le Creuset enamel – or any enamel – don’t try to clean that brownish film that might appear over time from frequent use. Called the patina, it actually enhances the cooking performance of your cast-iron pot. Also, there’s no need to “condition” your cast iron; this is only needed for non-stick surfaces. And lastly, resilience is core when it comes to cooking – a cast-iron cocotte can handle hot stove tops and ovens, but don’t plunge a hot pan in cold water, as the thermal shock will damage the enamel.

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