OPI’s new nail colour collection is having a Game of Thrones moment
OPI’s new nail colour collection is having a Game of Thrones moment
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A collection that would typically be worn in winter, due to its deep, richer colours, we cannot help but want to wear this all year round.  Inspired by Iceland, the shades are inspired by the colourful display of the Northern Lights as well as the icy, glacier-filled waters alongside deep green hills.

“The purple, the deep blues also the magical glaciers and the ice “said Lauren Nielsen, Brand Manager for OPI, were all the elements that were drawn upon when coming up with this collection.  The collection really comes to life in the ad campaign visuals which sees a Daenerys Targaryen –esque model immersed in what could be a Game of Thrones Icelandic country, with the majestic glaciers and lush greenery wearing the new shades.

OPI is famous for its quirky spin on the shade names of its nail lacquers and this collection was no different. Blue has been a big colour trend on the runways and particularly in beauty so seeing a wide selection of blues in this collection ticked all our boxes.  “Turn On The Northern Lights” is a deep cobalt colour that is great for anyone wanting to try a bolder hue or apply two coats of “Less is Norse”, a navy with a slight grey undertone for someone willing to go the colour route without having to over commit.

Our favourite colours of summer are “Aurora Berryalis, a saturated berry pink, “Check Out The Old Geysirs”, the palest but most delightful powder blue, “Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots”, a go-to light dusty pink hue, perfect for enhancing your natural nail colour and “This Isn’t Greenland”, a tarnished lime green shade with an olive green undertone that come together to make a colour that our nails cannot wait to wear.

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