Whether it’s to the edge of the sun or the lands of Cleopatra, Bulgari Goldea has made a habit of transporting us to a place of exclusivity with a single sniff. It’s time to delve into the hidden world of Rome at nightfall with the launch of the new Goldea, The Roman Night.

THE SCENT                                

White flowers and musk are a signature when it comes to creating the Goldea fragrances: each one has paid homage to a hero white flower and Goldea, The Roman Night is no different. The scent is characterised as a chypre floral musk fragrance, and as Morillas interprets it: “Night-blooming jasmine and tuberose are irresistible, nocturnal beauties. Caressed by the delicious kiss of luscious mulberries and black peony, they trigger desire and demand celebration. When I first imagined a Roman night, the idea of the chypre-infused signature came to me instantly. Meanwhile, the radiant sensuality of black musk is haunted by the intoxicating patchouli heart and noble vetiver roots.”

Morillas has taken the classic notes of a chypre scent and added his own unique twists.  A chypre fragrance is a three-accord pyramid scent that usually comprises of a bergamot or citrusy top note, rose or floral middle note, and a woody moss base.  Goldea, The Roman Night uses mulberry at the top to give the fragrance its fruity opening, while jasmine replaces rose as the heart of the scent. Patchouli and black musk replace moss as the base note that will linger and settle on the skin.


The dark and nocturnal character of the scent is set with the top notes of mulberry and black peony. Mulberry gives the scent a fruity opening that is not as sweet as one might think, as it also gives off a musky woody element that creates a direct complement to the base notes of the fragrance. Black peony is the rarest flower of the peony family and has usually taken a backseat to the lighter pink or white peony used in most fragrances. Morillas plays into the idea that “things reveal their other side at night” with the black peony that shows a darker characteristic, but is still floral and feminine.  


Night blooming jasmine and tuberose absolute are the floral heart notes that give Goldea, The Roman Night its Bulgari signature. Here, only the rarest or night-blooming forms of the flowers are used to create an unusual scent that solidifies the fragrance’s unique floral character.


Black musk, patchouli heart, and vetiver add another signature accord to the Goldea The Roman Night scent, and create the finale of the fragrance. Musk has always been a feature of all the Goldea fragrances, and Morillas has played around with the different moods of musk in each scent. Goldea had an element of musk in each part of the olfactory pyramid and captured a solar musk that radiated throughout. Goldea Rose was a softer version using white musk as the hero. Goldea, The Roman Night focuses on the mystery of nightfall and shows a darker side with black musk.


The bottle of Goldea, The Roman Night is black and gold, showcasing the glamour and sultry nature of Roman nights. As is true with the previous Goldea bottles, the cap has the signature gold Bulgari Serpenti wrapped around it, showing off its royal affiliation to ancient goddesses and the Bulgari Roma jewellery history.  Unlike the previous bottles, the cap of Goldea, The Roman night is not solid and heavy, but transparent and almost haloed, like a full moon. While still keeping to the signature bottle shape of the Goldea collection, this bottle shows a slight difference, with the body being a little thinner and lighter than before.

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