Your lips are bound to be doing all the talking this winter so make sure that they are saying the right things.  Instead of giving off dry, chapped lip vibes, make sure that your lip care routine is solid for a come hither pout.

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Lips are in the “delicate skin league”, along with your eye area and tend to suffer the most damage from temperature changes and bad habits.  Every winter seems like a struggle to keep the chapped lips at bay and every season, dry lips always happen – which begs the question, are you looking after your lips correctly?

Slathering on balmy layers throughout the day may see you through dry spell but it’s not always enough.  Here are some practices to try out this winter to make sure that your lips don’t suffer.


First it was the damp toothbrush method, then it was the brown sugar and oil DIY scrub that were the saving graces when dry lips appeared.  Luckily for us, more and more brands have introduced at least one lip exfoliator within their ranges.  Great for gently sloughing off dry areas of skin and stimulating blood circulation for a youthful, rosy pout; only use lip exfoliators once a week to avoid damaging the skin.   Whether you love a decadent sugar scrub or enzymatic cream exfoliator – this is a mandatory starting point on your way to the perfect winter lips.

Try: Dior Lip Glow Sugar Scrub Sweet Exfoliating Balm R595

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Once all the unwanted dry skin has been removed, all that’s left to do is to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more.  To avoid countless touch ups of lip balm throughout the day, choose a lip balm that is intensely hydrating from the first application and will last for a least a few hours. A great tell-tale sign of a great balm is when lips feel moisturised but not sticky or slippery after application. This shows that the balm is absorbing into the lips rather than sitting on the surface creating an illusion.  Look out for ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter or glycerine to know that you are getting the right hydration for your lips:

Try: Glamglow Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment R290

Image: Glamglow


Masking? We think our lips will take one of those too.   Yes, you can now apply a mask to your lips to treat concerns as you would on your face.  Hydrate, fill or brighten, you can get a mask for it all.  The best ingredient to look out for in a lip mask is hyaluronic acid as it intensely hydrates the skin as well as plumps up the skin.  Usually in a sheet mask form with a jelly or cloth texture, apply the mask on cleansed lips for approximately 10 mins.  Remove and finished off with your favourite lipstick shade or lip tint.

Try: Intraceuticals Lip Mask RXXX

Image: Intraceuticals
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