The Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa has long been the escape of choice for Joburgers looking for somewhere close to home to enjoy world-class cuisine, luxury accommodation, and relaxation in a tranquil, serene setting. Thanks to an inspired redesign by interior designer Stephen Falcke, there is now another reason to pay this urban oasis a visit.

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Do yourself a favour by arriving at least 30 minutes before your treatment. This allows you time to change into your warm, cosy cotton robe and slippers, and soak up the atmosphere. Clever use of glass, cream granite, and earthy textures and tones carry the African motif from the hotel through to the spa, blending the two spaces together seamlessly. In each treatment room, locally crafted Himalayan crystal salt chandeliers have been installed to purify the air, while the subtle use of wood, copper, and water combine to lull your senses.
Kim Schickerling, who assisted Stephen Falcke on the project, elaborated on the thinking behind the redesign. “I wanted to carry through the African theme that is evident in the main hotel and add a contemporary edge to the overall look and feel to create a fresh look that is very popular with spa designs today. The space was a whole redesign based the new Saxon Spa offering.”

The treatment rooms are accessed via a central relaxation chamber, away from the reception area and restaurant, allowing you to recline with a cup of green tea and home-baked cookies either before or after your session in undisturbed peace. My friendly and attentive therapist, Angela, ushered me into my private treatment room for the Saxon Himalayan Signature Journey, one of the treatments available as part of the new spa offering.

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My 75-minute session commenced with a rejuvenating milk foot bath as a way of easing into the treatment, followed by a full-body Himalayan salt scrub. Each private treatment room is equipped with its own shower, allowing you to cleanse between treatments without having to leave the serenity of your room, an added benefit for those who crave privacy. Fresh from the shower, Angela treated me to a decadent full-body, hot-granite massage, alternating the heat-retaining stones with cold, rose-quartz crystal. The extremes of hot and cold are designed to relieve muscular inflammation and tension, and I could still feel the benefits of the treatment for days afterwards.

If you’re looking for something different, consider booking yourself in for a sound therapy session. Amethyst, Tibetan rose quartz and aventurine crystals are used, together with sound vibrations generated by gongs and Tibetan singing bowls to rebalance your energy levels and boost your immune system.

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