As many of us gear up for our end-of-year trip to the coast, we want quick aesthetic treatments that require minimum down time and maximum results for skin and bodies that are beach ready. We ask Dr Xen from Skin Renewal to recommend the best.

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What types of treatments are available? Dr Xen: “There is definitely a larger-than-normal influx of injectable treatments like botulinum toxin and filler treatments, as they show results within two weeks. Liposculpture (fat
reduction) is also particularly popular during the spring time, as everyone is
looking to get their bodies beach ready. So injectable fat-reduction treatments,
such as Lipodissolve and Cecarrelli, are in high demand.”

What would you personally recommend? Dr Xen: “When it comes to what
I recommend, I personally tend to reinforce the need for protection against sun
during the hot summer months. The biggest preventative anti-ageing change
in the last decade has been the awareness of sun damage. Thus resurfacing
treatments, like superficial skin peels and no downtime laser rejuvenation, are
also a good option.”

At what age would you recommend someone starts with these treatments?
Dr Xen: “Twenty-eight is the absolutely ideal age. The amount of prevention
you can achieve when you start with gentle treatments and good skincare is
incomparable to someone who waits too long. Our average age of clients
is approximately 35, but it doesn’t mean that people over 50 aren’t ideal
candidates either. The types of treatments we would suggest are just different
than for a 30-year-old. Having said that, it is never too late to start, for both
men and women.”

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