Love and perfume; is there a more romantic combination? In 2006, in New York, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervesal met, fell in-love and realised that they shared a mutual love for perfume – more specifically Eau de Cologne. They set about perfecting a “cologne of character”. Elegant, fresh and long-lasting, the Atelier Cologne was born – the first Maison de Parfum dedicated exclusively to the creation of cologne.

Images from the exclusive launch at Edgars in Cape Town:

After many years of meticulous planning, their new range Atelier Absolue was created. It is a genuine perfume (Cologne Absolue means ‘ pure perfume’ ). Their dream was “to create colognes to be worn as pure perfumes”. Each scent is made from citrus notes blended with raw materials and high concentrations of essential oils to give long-lasting effect. The new range consists of 14 scents.

All Atelier Cologne products are made in France and come packaged with a personalised engraved leather case.

Atelier Cologne is available in SA, exclusive to Edgars.

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