Wanted chats to the co-founder of Team Dr Joseph, Fabian Franz, about the rise of organic, highly effective skincare.

W: Why is it so important to Team Dr Joseph that its ingredients for its products be plant-based and ethically sourced?
FF: We believe that the visible results of the treatment and products are one of the most important aspects, together with safety. Safety, in the cosmetic understanding, means active ingredients that are not full of harmful chemicals, but that are skin-friendly, plant-based and ethically sourced for the greater good. That is the reason why we are constantly searching for the best, safest and efficient ingredients we can find.

W: Your product line is organically certified. However this is not the main focus for the brand. Can you explain why? 
FF: In a world where clients expect greater results from their cosmetic brands and innovative strategies to respond to specific individual needs, we think that one certificate is not enough to transport all the passion, the accuracy, the perfectly synchronised formulas and the love that we are putting in our products. Therefore we see our organic certificate, together with all the awards that we‘ve won, as an honour for our products, but never as our first argument. The Team always comes first. In this sense we are welcoming all of our customers to the Team

W: What are you hoping to achieve with this new category of skincare? 
FF: We believe in a holistic approach to a healthier skin for a better quality of life. This is a more intelligent and unique approach in the market. We know that your shelf is stocked with cosmetic products, both good and bad. Team Dr Joseph is result-driven, fast-acting and organically certified that offers a healthier skin, and the products are pure, natural, and safe.

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