Kefilwe Mabote collaborates with Scotch producer The Macallan.
Kefilwe Mabote collaborates with Scotch producer The Macallan.
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Scotch producer The Macallan’s latest collaboration with its master of couture Kefilwe Mabote brings together the worlds of fashion, women and whisky – proving that whisky is much more than just a drink in a glass.

Having previously collaborated with culinary masters the Roca brothers and renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, The Macallan has become synonymous with blending diverse worlds to offer an inimitable experience.

Mabote says the collaboration happened effortlessly, tied together by a shared love of beauty, craftsmanship, creative expression and sophistication.

Her love affair with whisky began seven years ago when a friend encouraged her to try it. The Macallan has remained her drink of choice, sometimes even as one of her secret ingredients for the perfect cocktail.

We spoke to Mabote to learn more about her collaboration with The Macallan and her fashion tips:

Take us through your collaboration with The Macallan. What was the inspiration behind it? The collaboration aims to bring together women, fashion and whisky. I want to inspire all women to open up to the world of whisky. The misconception remains that whisky is a man’s drink; women can enjoy it too.

What is the common thread between you and The Macallan? The Macallan is a luxury spirit, world renowned for its unmatched craftsmanship and the extensive process it goes through to make the perfect bottle of whisky. It has close ties to fashion photographers and luxury brands, and has become a tastemaker for all the finer things in life. With my love of fashion and taste for luxury, it just fit perfectly.

Which city best describes your style: Parisian chic, polished and refined New York, or effortlessly Milanese? I am drawn to a minimal aesthetic, which is a great reflection of the Parisian chic style. I could easily have become best friends with Coco Chanel.

Working with luxury fashion brands such as Dior has exposed you to different fashion aesthetics. Can you give us an insider’s view on building the perfect spring/summer 2018 wardrobe? The spring/summer season is quite colourful and fun. So I would suggest that you introduce very bold colours. Think of all the crayola colours shown by the likes of Ellery and Gucci on the SS18 runway.

The best way to enjoy The Macallan whisky? The simpler, the better.
Kefilwe Mabote

What are the top trends to look forward to for SS18? You can look forward to floral prints, tropical prints and a 1960s revival. Think oversized sunglasses, high-waisted trousers and pleated skirts. Boho style will also make a resurgence, with a clash of prints that I consider to be quite artistic.

Which colour should every woman have in her wardrobe this season? This may sound like I am contradicting myself but you will never have enough black. It is versatile and can be worn by anyone.

What is the secret to looking good in floral prints? If you consider yourself to be a simple person, I would suggest you pair a floral print item with a bold colour. For a person who is bold, I would suggest you go for a clash of prints.

Which local designers excite you? Gert Johan Coetzee, Orapeleng Modutle, and Quiteria & George. For accessories I shop at Vana Bags for my statement pieces.

What was the last piece of clothing you were excited to buy? It has to be my Chanel bag and, of course, my Chanel pumps.

Which scent best describes The Macallan whisky? Each expression has different notes, so it’s difficult to pinpoint one fragrance. We have been working with local artisan parfumerie Saint d’Ici to create a scent inspired by the notes of The Macallan Edition 3. Guests who are joining me at The Macallan event that I’m hosting will be able to create their own personalised fragrance inspired by these notes.

What is the best way to enjoy The Macallan whisky? The simpler, the better – so neat with just a dash of water. I find it opens up the flavours beautifully.

Describe the perfect setting for having a glass of The Macallan. I would say it does not need to be a particular setting; it can be an everyday drink. Personally I have a glass anytime after 5pm.

What is next for Kefilwe Mabote? Great chefs never reveals their secret. There is something good coming but you will have to wait for it!

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