Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren are some of the greatest fashion designers of our times. And for the most part they stick to what they do best: Designing apparel and accessories, that is. But of late, there’s been a breakaway of some of the fashion houses into homeware. Why, you ask? Well why not? Fashion and homeware are one in the same, trend setters and style makers are as interested in expressing themselves through what they wear, as how they furnish their personal spaces. And, if you hanker after a Gucci leather jacket you’ll most likely love the same brand’s plates for your next dinner. It’s brand loyalty at its most stylish best.

Here are some of our current favourites topping the designer décor must-haves:


As Creative Director Alessandro Michele puts it best, the Gucci Décor collection is “simply another way to dress in Gucci.” Just launched, the comprehensive offering of smaller furniture items like side tables, screens and chairs plus accessories like cushions, crockery, scented candles and even wallpaper, have all been created in the same vibrant spirit and eclectic language of the brand’s apparel. For all its bohemian romanticism, abundant floral and animal references, the collection is a feast for the eyes.

Intended to be easy items that can be freely incorporated just about anywhere and along with your own existing homeware, the range features movable pieces like side tables and screens, in line with Michele’s ‘no rules’ approach. Some of our favourites include the lusciously coloured velvet and jacquard covered scatter cushions which feature bees, cats, snakes and tigers, some with a flirtatious tassel, others with ruffled border trims.

The range of four scents used in their candles and incense are also a win in our book, with fragrances like the rose inspired Inventum or the heady birch wood and beeswax scented Fumus carefully constructed by Michele.


Taking its lead from their fine jewellery offering, Cartier Home Objects incorporates the jewels and artistry of its fashion counterparts and elevates the humble box or frame into something exceptionally beautiful and rare. Rekindling the spirit of everyday objects, Cartier says, is what their homeware collection is all about. Harking back to a time when card holders, candle holders, frames and vanity cases were works of art worthy of exhibition, created by the top artisans and craftsmen of their trade, the collection has been brought into the 21st century with a riot of bold primary colours and clean geometry.

Finely ornamented and embellished with precious materials such as porcelain, platinum, wood and gemstones, each piece is elegant and luxurious yet functional. Huge emphasis has also been put into gift giving with a number of items like photo frames, candle holders and stylish boxes all taking the art of gifting to new heights.


Sicily is my Love, the collaboration between the celebrated fashion house and home appliance giant Smeg is an ode to the arrestingly beautiful island home of founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Launched earlier this year following the release of their hand painted fridges, the colourful collection of small appliances features toasters, citrus juicers, blenders, slow juicers, kettles, coffee machines and more, all adorned with golden citrus motifs, prickly pears, cherries and flowers, as well as scenes of the flora and landscape of Southern Italy.

It’s an introduction to the stars of the local food scene and the sights of the region brought to life in your home by way of their bright and decorative appliances. It’s a sunny and spirited dedication to all that we love about Sicily.

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