As a performer, Taryn Louch is an allrounder, boasting many awards and successes – notably a Grammy nomination and a South African Music Award for her contribution to To tango tis Nefelis on Wouter Kellerman’s album Love Language.

She launched her career with various roles on the small screen, after which she branched out, becoming a seasoned voice-over artist, guest presenter on TV and an MC, both locally and internationally. Between 2015 and 2017, she was a host on Good Hope FM’s weekend breakfast show The Full House.

And now Louch has added podcaster to her extensive repertoire. Her weekly podcast Split T is casual and chatty, offering snippets of advice and funny stories.

But why podcasts? Louch explained that as a seasoned storyteller, she wanted to explore the power of the podcast as a storytelling platform. “Podcasts communicate to a like-minded community of listeners and are popular because they offer a level of intimacy and interaction with listeners. Consumers are looking for mediums that speak directly to them and I am excited to explore that market.”

What’s in the name? “In the urban dictionary, ‘spilt tea’ is one of the most popular idioms, with ‘tea’ referring to gossip, stories or news. You can give tea, get tea or spill tea. Spilt T, in this instance, is the sharing of juicy and interesting stories and, as a title, it is quirky and cheeky, with ‘T’ also referring to ‘Taryn’.”

For her first episode, which aired on February 15, Louch co-hosted with her friend make-up artist Gina Myers. They discussed Valentine’s Day, Myers’s participation in The Bachelor SA, finding love and the ins and outs of Tinder. As a Valentine’s gift to the audience, Myers shared a few practical make-up tips.

Is podcasting any different from radio? “Radio is an instant medium, which lives in real time, whereas the beauty of the podcast is that it is easily accessible at your convenience as an on-demand audio-visual platform” answers Louch. “I think a podcast is also more personal than radio. With podcasts, you make your own rules and I love that.”

• Tune in on Friday at 10am on the podcast’s YouTube channel Split T for the next episode.

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