'Room 104'.
'Room 104'.
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1. ROOM 104: Showmax

Created by the DuPlass brothers this is one of the strangest and most fascinating shows around at the moment. Featuring A-List talented actors such as Mahershala Ali and Michael Shannon it’s underpinned by a simple premise – all the episodes are self-contained and take place in Room 104 of a mysterious motel. The only rules are filmmakers have three days to make their episodes, can only use a maximum of three actors and no one can leave the room. The results are an intriguing bag of black comedy, dark twisted psychodrama and sometimes just downright weird.

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2. DERRY GIRLS: Netflix

We were all teenagers once but never quite like this group of wisecracking, foul-mouthed teenage girls growing up in Northern Ireland in the 90s. Sure there are the political troubles but there are also just the ordinary troubles of adolescence, families, friendship and of course booze, parties and boys. Razor sharp wit and a stellar cast of youngsters make this more than just another tween show and it bristles with a rawness and humanity that’s hard not to like.

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3. DOGS OF BERLIN: Netflix

A cop who walks the thin line between crime and the law - another who’s cleaner than Mr Min. We’ve seen it a thousand times before but this show sets its action in the multicultural back alleys of modern day Berlin where tensions are running high following the murder of a superstar footballer of Turkish descent. With the government, the cops, the street gangs and just about everyone else on their tale the duo must race against the clock to solve the crime before all hell breaks lose in Germany’s seemingly most liberal city. 

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Charlie Brooker returns with this 90 minute episode of his groundbreaking, mind bending speculative series Black Mirror. An interactive television experiment it’s the story of a young programmer in the 1980s who develops a game that allows the viewer to make choices that affect the outcome – in the vein of the choose your own adventure books that were so popular in the 1990s. That interactivity is carried through to viewers and the results are fascinating if sometimes difficult to process but once again Black Mirror keeps pushing the boundaries and buttons of its audience.

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This British mockumentary series about a crew of inept garage MCs is silly as hell but hard not to like thanks to its equal mix of cringe and humanity. You’ll find yourself quickly moving from cringe and incredulity to suddenly finding yourself 25 episodes in after not having left the couch for two days.

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