Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia

Our Trev is back with this new Netflix special — a recording of one of his stand-up shows filmed in Los Angeles. It really reminded us of just how good Noah actually is, and that maybe his special brand of humour is wasted on The Daily Show. We really laughed at his smart commentary on poverty-porn tourism, race issues, mom Patricia — we would not mess with her — and tacos!


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

We’ll admit we were sceptical about this sing-along sequel, entirely based on more Abba music. But we hereby own up — we a) watched it, and b) thought it was great fun. Some of the all-star cast can belt out a tune (not Pierce Brosnan), they all dance, and they’re back on the same delightful Greek island, doing both. There’s love, and tragedy, 1970s fashion — and Cher, who, in herself, makes this worth a watch.


Westwood: Punk. Icon. Activist.

Old Vivienne herself got hot under the collar and denounced this doccie, and her son Ben Westwood called for its filmmaker, Lorna Tucker, to return all the footage she’d used in the 80-minute retrospective to the family. Drama aside, you should still watch it for a fun, fascinating look at the grande dame of British fashion’s career, her charity work, and her personality.

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Charl-Johan Lingenfelder’s film has set tongues wagging with its release. Through the lead character, Johan Niemand (Schalk Bezuidenhout), a member of a choral group sent to lighten the spirits of the men fighting in the South African Border War, we experience the fear, excitement, and paranoia that characterised large parts of our country at the height of apartheid in 1985.

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