Step into the world of Punk & Ivy by Bianca and Khaya Sibiya, the creative duo behind SA’s first “motique”. It’s a mobile boutique – an 8-meter-long refurbished motorhome turned retail space – that’s taking fashion to the streets of SA.

What’s the Punk & Ivy story? Where did Punk & Ivy begin and what are you up to now? We are a proudly South African fashion house and brand from Joburg that began more than four years ago. We specialise in luxurious streetwear, bespoke pieces and ready to wear fashion. Every design we make has an imprint of our culture, heritage and ideology – whether we are doing it for individuals or huge productions.

How did you two begin working together? How do you work as a duo? We came up with the idea while travelling abroad. And it just made sense for us to start our own thing and make something for ourselves, considering our media, fashion and digital backgrounds. Internally we all have designated tasks, so it makes it easier.

Explain the concept of a motique and how it works? The Motique is Africa’s first mobile boutique. We do so many different things so at times our services don’t always require the motique, which is a 9m long motorhome that has been transformed into a retail space. 

Why did you opt for a style motique instead of a traditional store? We believe in mobility and that way we take our business to the people and not vice versa. We also rent it out for a variety of things.

What was the last thing you designed as Punk & Ivy? We currently have a show running on SABC 1 called one mic and we had the pleasure of styling the presenter DJ Doowop for the whole season. It’s every Thursday at 6pm. We also put together our outfits for our #MadeOfTaste dinner with The Singleton.

What brands do you sell alongside your custom pieces? We are currently considering other young local brands that would fit with our aesthetic. But until we finalise that, it’s Punk & Ivy all day, everyday.

What is the Punk & Ivy aesthetic? Proudly local yet global. We are creating our own fingerprint and signature in everything we touch.

Who is the Punk & Ivy consumer? It’s the kid going to a matric dance and wants his or her last few memories of high school to be epic. It’s the young professional who’s about to embark on a new career and wants to look and feel good. It’s the creative who wants one-of-a kind items that encapsulate their individuality. It’s a CEO who needs to look the part but just doesn’t have time to update his or her wardrobe. The common thread is individuality and appreciation for quality.

What inspires you? Our son Kiyoshi, music, fashion, film, the youth, travelling, family.

What are you currently obsessed with? The new winter collection we are working on.

What are your thoughts on the SA fashion industry? I think we are at a stage where South Africans are ready and more open to fashion. What we need next is the real support structures to develop the whole industry. It shouldn’t be so hard for young designers to make stuff and put it out there. We need to re-assess everything from the cotton farming to textiles, manufacturing, commercial retail and things like grants for designers and entrepreneurs to set up.

Where can shoppers find Punk & Ivy? We are available on all social media platforms with a website that has all our contact details. Just type in Punk & Ivy and something will come up.

You recently hosted a dinner with Singleton Whisky; how did your collaboration with Singleton come about? The Singleton approached us during their #TasteChronicles campaign to host an amazing dinner because they felt that Punk & Ivy represented young entrepreneurs doing remarkable things on our own terms, going against the flow and daring to be different. They’re trying to change how people perceive whisky. It’s all about changing the given and saying: “Hey, we would rather do it that way instead.”  Everyone has their own taste. It’s up to you to define it.

What’s next for Punk & Ivy? Expect more collections, lookbooks and fashion films to drop this year, the motique will do more pop ups, events and festivals.

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