Shopping and wandering around art galleries are good reasons, as is lying on a beach. But eating has to be a standout reason to travel — and surely the ultimate way to get to know a place and its people. With a little help from some of our gastronomically inclined, jet-setting friends, we put together a list of restaurants you should head to next. Some are fancy, some are street — all are exceptional.

Hong Kong's food scene, from the tastebuds of Jacquie Myburgh:

My business partner Heidi and I have, for years, been on a quest for a perfect bowl of noodles and fresh Asian greens in Hong Kong. A few years ago, a friend introduced us to Din Tai Fung and our mission was instantly diverted.

The dim sum franchise on the busy streets of Causeway Bay boasts one Michelin star. This is not fine dining, but an unfussy feast of the finest traditional dumplings I have ever had.

Order your own dumpling lineup for the evening and within minutes, towers of bamboo steamers appear on your table, best enjoyed with a cup of jasmine tea and a chilled Tsingtao beer. I’ve yet to find a better dining experience in Hong Kong. 

• From the August edition of Wanted 2019.

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