Hemelhuijs and So Yum have teamed up to bring you Joburg’s best poached eggs and hollandaise.
Hemelhuijs and So Yum have teamed up to bring you Joburg’s best poached eggs and hollandaise.
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There are many Capetonians who worship at the shrine of Hemelhuijs, the ultra-chic eatery at the top of Waterkant Street in the city bowl. Of a morning, you’ll spot international visitors vying for a table there, along with trendy magazine editors and ladies who brunch.

They’ve all converged in the hope of grabbing a freshly squeezed cucumber, melon and passion-fruit juice, and perhaps an oversized bowl of soft mealie pap served with local honey and salted butter. They sit amid the botanical prints and ginger jars and are generally happier for it.

The good news for Joburgers is that they can now hope for a bit of this magic on their own home turf. Hemelhuijs has teamed up with Hyde Park Corner’s popular Asian restaurant, So Yum, to create a collaborative shared restaurant space. So Yum recently moved to the area that Life Grand Café used to take up (Hyde Park regulars, you know the spot) and now the two brands are putting on a grand show there, together.

You can get the full Hemelhuijs breakfast treatment every morning, and So Yum’s Asian offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We had what has got to be a stiff contender for Joburg’s best poached eggs and hollandaise — served with roasted artichoke, mosbolletjie bread and a side of perfectly cooked bacon. We also sampled the potato rösti with eggs, and, because we were on a roll, an Asian savoury rice pudding of sorts too. The latter gets served with a host of condiments and egg. It’s different to but no less delicious than Hemelhuijs’s classic Cape farmhouse-style options.

We’re predicting that this is set to be Joburg’s next "must be seen eating at" breakfast spot.

Hemelhuijs x So Yum, 011-325-5360

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