Ever-popular local chef Reuben Riffel has just opened the doors to his latest, and most personal, establishment yet. In full command and ownership of Reuben's Restaurant & Bar, this new eatery has allowed the chef to create a place true to his heart that radiates the warmth and welcome so often missing from fine dining establishments.

Reuben and his wife Maryke have long dreamed of creating a restaurant into which they could wholly pour themselves and their countless ideas and this new haunt, right in the heart of delightful Franschhoek, does not miss a beat.

The space is light, bright and modern in style and does not fail to make the best of the iconic mountainous surroundings. A gorgeous courtyard will surely play host to many a lazy summer lunch come December-time. Reuben refuses to be defined by any one style of cooking and intends to use this new venture as medium for self-expression and manifestation of his every culinary whim.

‘The menu can change as often as I like, or as little as I like. This place is all about what I feel like doing. There is enormous freedom in being able to say and do that. I’ve worked hard to have this freedom and I’m enjoying it.’ exclaims a very passionate Reuben in reference to his modern fine-dining menu which is set to change in tandem with the seasons as well as his inspiration. After a complete tasting of the newly presented menu one can only be left quaking in one’s boots from the culinary artistry singing from each and every plate.

Oysters with Smoked Paprika Oil
An elevated take on serving oysters - the intensely smoky oil lifts this seafood delicacy to almost BBQ levels of moreishness.

Sweetcorn Polenta Fritter with Caramelized Garlic, Smoked Paprika and Goat’s Cheese
Where tapas is concerned it’s rare for a vegetarian dish to steal the show but this fried variation on humble corn is pure unadulterated perfection.

Sticky Duck Salad
An entire gastronomic journey in one bowl, salty, sour and sweet - the closest thing to umami I’ve tasted in a salad.

Franschhoek Trout Poké Bowl
Supporting his hometown, Reuben has taken the culinary world’s most current dish, poke, and given it a local spin by using Franschhoek trout instead of the typical salmon.

Risotto with Buffalo Mozzarella
When good quality ingredients meet seasoned skill, you get this risotto - a simple plateful of al dente arborio rice in all its moreish glory.

Chocolate Fondant
A bona fide crowd pleaser and a decadent ending to a sumptuous lunch.

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