Elyx Copper Mini Pineapples Set of 3
Elyx Copper Mini Pineapples Set of 3
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Every art form is enhanced by the best tools, and cocktails are no exception. Absolut Elyx has just launched the online Elyx Boutique in South Africa, which means that local Vodka connoisseurs can finally get their hands on the luxury vodka brand’s stunning, quirky range of copper bar tools and accessories.

A touch of whimsy infuses this state-of-the-art collection, which combines refined functionality with a distinctly contemporary sense of festivity. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the copper motif is a nod to the integral role of this element in the Vodka distillation process; and one truly gets a sense from these tools and vessels that the essence of the brand’s identity has been imprinted onto each and every item, from the (swiftly-becoming) iconic copper pineapple, to the stately, ornate mule cups.

The true genius of the Elyx bar tools is that each piece functions simultaneously as instrument and ornament, elevating ‘tools of the trade’ into a truly covetable collection of tchotchkes. It goes without saying that the Absolut Elyx copper ware is a treasure trove of perfect gifts: it hardly matters whether the intended recipient is a seasoned mixologist or an enthusiastic amateur – I am confident that anybody with a semblance of taste would be delighted to receive a copper martini set, or three little copper pineapples in one of the beautiful gift boxes in which every item arrives.

And if drinking, rather than crafting, is more in line with your idea of a good time, then you can always eschew the professional bar utensils, and focus your powers of acquisition on the copper julep cups, mule cups, or cocktail coupes, all of which radiate a delicacy and refinement that one wouldn’t ordinarily associate with the ruddy, industrial glint of copper.   

The Elyx Boutique is the first of its kind outside of the United States, and offers free delivery on all items. 

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