Jan Smuts Ave, Joburgs' Sunset Strip
Jan Smuts Ave, Joburgs' Sunset Strip
Image: The Royale

We work hard for our money and Joburger’s have garnered a reputation for playing hard with that money, especially this time of year. But you know what? We damn well deserve it and thanks to some new bar openings and freshened up offerings from old favourites Jan Smuts Avene has unsuspectedly become the hottest place for an after work tipple. Now let’s get started!

SAIGON SUZY, 144 Jan Smuts

Can we just say Karaoke and basically leave it at that? Fine, if you want a little more than three dedicated upstairs rooms to sing-scream your rendition of “I will always love you” in private then you can have outside tree lined courtyard, proper looking ramen, a decent saki selection and something delicious called a Nagasaki Negroni. But be warned! They don’t take bookings, not even for the karaoke, so you’re just going to have to go and have spontaneous fun and as Suzy says, “Relax!” 
- Monday – Sunday 12pm till late.

SIN + TAX, 2 Bolton Road

We know that this isn’t “exactly” on Jan Smuts but it’s close enough to count and with drinks this good we will bend the rules a little. Even though master mixologist Julian Short and his team are coming up with new cocktails every day for the rest of the season, our favourite game is to sit at the bar and come up with random themes for the mixologists like “Make us a shooter that is inspired by under the sea.” Give your theme a go, though some of the on the fly results may vary but they are always delicious. 
- Tuesday – Saturday 6pm till late.

UPSTAIRS AT MESH, 21 Keyes Avenue

Follow the pink to the public pop up bar above everyone’s favourite hip “members only” club. You will be treated to lush art and gold lamp times as you drink up your signature drinks and the view on the balcony overlooking our new favourite avenue. Some nights you will even be treated to a little culture with film screening and talks with esteemed art types in the know. But if you’re more looking to boogey than learn something, their host of top DJ’s and live acts have you covered. 
- Wednesday - Friday: 6pm till late, Saturday: 2pm till late. 

EB SOCIAL KITCHEN & BAR, Hyde Park, Cnr Jan Smuts and William Nicol

Nothing quite beats sipping a glass of something delicious staring out at the view from the signature bar at Exclusive Book’s most fancy of stores. Now just in time for summer, the nimble mixing hands of world class cocktail competition winner, Dom de Lorenzo, has created a whole new menu for you to read from while staring out at the leafy vistas. As always, the drinks are named after well loved and read novels and each drink delves into the story through the flavours and ingredients found from the pages within. 
- Monday – Saturday, 12pm - 9:30pm, Sunday 12pm – 4pm.

THE ROYALE, 357 Jan Smuts Avene

Caribbean fever hits Jozi again as another rum establishment opens its leafy doors to the public – ironically where The Jungle used to be. Inspired by the hotel bars of Havana, The Royale serves up strong delicious rum cocktails – including one of our favourites, the Michelada – which pair perfectly with their delectable bar snack offering. And if that wasn’t enough bar for you, opening soon to the public is their sneaky speakeasy out back, which will be home to Joburg’s John Dewar & Sons Whisky’s Scotch Egg Club. 
- Wednesday – Sunday 12pm till late.

Have fun drinking this festive season and hope to see you at the bar. But please remember to drink responsibly and order that ride on your preferred taxi app – because drinking and driving isn’t sexy.

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