There are almost as many days dedicated to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages around the world as there are days in a year. After hearing about Brandy Alexander Day (Jan 31) recently I decided to do a quick Google search, which revealed man’s disturbing obsession with booze dating back thousands of years.

There have been times in our more recent booze history when mixing a range of modifiers to the base ingredient was totally necessary to disguise the undrinkable spirits, hence the birth of the modern cocktail. There’s a National Bloody Mary Day in the US (on Jan 1. Go figure), National Body Shot Day (also in the US on Feb 27), Malbec Day (April 7), International Gin and Tonic Day (April 9), World Cocktail Day (May 13), World Whisky Day (May 20), International Beer Day (Aug 5), International Pinot Noir Day (Aug 18), World Gin Day (Nov 7) to name but a few. Who'd have thought humans needed even more motivation to drink. Whether you see them as fun, silly or vaguely serious, there is literally a day for everyone to celebrate their favourite tipple.

The only reason I’m taking today’s Brandy Alexander Day semi-seriously is because we make the key ingredient so damned well. However, my growing appreciation of superb local brandy, particularly the potstill variety such as the award-winning Van Ryn’s 12yo and Oude Meester 18yo, means I’m not so sure I’d like to throw anything else in my glass. For those of you who’d like to have another go at your week, shakers ready!


Martini glass or old-fashioned coup

37.5ml good quality brandy
25ml Bols Créme de Cacao or Klipdrift Black Gold
25ml single cream
Nutmeg to garnish

Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass and shake hard with ice cubes. Fine strain into a chilled glass and finish with a dusting of nutmeg.

Recipe courtesy of Shaker Bar School

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