The One&Only Cape Town will host The African Odyssey on September 6 2019.
The One&Only Cape Town will host The African Odyssey on September 6 2019.
Image: Supplied/One&Only

Presented by Carol Bouwer Productions, The African Odyssey 2019 in association with Boschendal, is a woman empowerment and entrepreneurship-focused summit that attracts pioneering practitioners in the South African and global fashion, design, luxury, beauty and entrepreneurial space. The fashion and beauty summit and empowerment workshop aims to create a platform for like-minded women to establish strong and sustainable cross-border relationships.

This inspirational and unique platform brings zestful business leaders, celebrities, media personalities, editors, thought leaders and industry pioneers under one roof; to share their experiences and empower younger women with advice that will assist in advancing their careers and participation in the fashion and beauty industry.

The African Odyssey 2019 promises to be more empowering than ever- with a special focus on giving budding entrepreneurs and practitioners practical tools and nuggets of knowledge from industry pioneers and influencers in the beauty, fashion and the creative industries.

The African Odyssey in association with Boschendal.
The African Odyssey in association with Boschendal.
Image: Supplied/Boschendal
The African Odyssey 2018.
The African Odyssey 2018.
Image: Supplied/The African Odyssey

The African Odyssey will help you understand the business side of fashion, network with the best, learn from the tested and be inspired by the leading voices in fashion, business and media.

Guests can look forward to hearing from the following speakers:

  • CAROL BOUWER: Creator of African Odyssey and media powerhouse, Bouwer is the founder of CB Productions, the creators of Motswako, the first women’s talk show for an African audience.
  • ROBERTA ANNA: Ghanian-born global businesswoman, Anna is the co-founder and managing partner of Impact Fund for African Creatives (IFFAC) in partnership with UN-ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative.
  • SARAH BUITENDACH: Wanted magazine editor
  • AMANDA DAMBUZA: Author and leading South African businesswoman and entrepreneur. Dambuza is also a non-executive director of various brands on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
  • LOUIS ORLIANGES: Multi-cultural executive, Orlianges has an impressive international network and years of experience in publishing, having handled Glamour, GQ and Vogue France.
  • YVONNE SHAFF: Tiso Blackstar Group business manager
  • ANITA GIOVANNONI: Philanthropist and life coach, Giovannoni is also the founder of LifeWorx, which has a registered NPC that helps people, companies and communities better themselves.
  • SHIRLEY VAN WYK: Brand communication specialist, van Wyk has been the Boschendal marketing manager since 2016, will address guests at the charity cocktail dinner.
  • VIKA SHIPALANA: A specialist in luxury brand marketing who is obsessed with how consumers and brands form meaningful and long-lasting connections.


Date: September 6 2019
Venue: One&Only Cape Town
Time: Registration from 8 to 8.30am
Ticket price: R1,950 for a full-day summit – visit the Quicket website to purchase your ticket. 

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