Brik Café.
Brik Café.
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Brik Café is a new restaurant in Joburg’s Rosebank, and I’ve just crowned it my favourite spot for breakfast in the city. I am generally hugely underwhelmed by our options — with the exception of Salvation Café, Croft & Co, and, perhaps surprisingly, Doppio Zero (its veggie breakfast bowl has wheedled its way into my fickle, hollandaise-worshipping heart).

So why the praise? Chef Sasha Sonnenberg Simpson has been in the game for years, running the popular catering company Prep’d by Sasha. Now she’s taken over the newly developed, street-facing, corner space at the suburb’s fire station. It’s all slick, terracotta-coloured furniture, blond wood, and earthenware ceramics — and already filled with a mix of corporate types and cool kids from the surrounds.

Brik Café serves lunch and dinner from a small, seasonal menu, but I’m sold on Sonnenberg Simpson’s riffing off Levantine food and her Jewish heritage to start the day — from 6am, actually. The sweet potato latke served with poached egg, pastrami, horseradish, and turmeric emulsion is exceptional. The menu also includes brisket and omelettes and sweet stuff such as granola. Oh, and the in-house baristas from Flynn Coffee take the joint’s caffeine offering very seriously, so you’ll get your cortado exactly as it’s supposed to be. 16 Baker Street, Rosebank; 071-509-3131.


In 2012, when HBO series Veep first aired, the dirty-mouthed, fast-talking, shambolic and outrageous US senator Selina Meyer and her team seemed totally farfetched. That she could somehow even make it to the White House was an outrageous notion. Of course, now we know, following the election of the 45th Potus five years later, that life often imitates art.

WATCH | Veep season 6 trailer:

Meyer, played by the perfect Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is back for the final season of the award-winning show. It’s just aired in the US and I cannot wait for its debut here. It is the quintessential smart, adroitly written, funny political satire to watch. And my favourite show, hands down.

• From the April edition of Wanted 2019.

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