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They had us at 100% cotton flat loomed Turkish towels but the gourmet cheese, coffee in a cone, local contemporary jewellery and onsite pop up nail bar doesn’t hurt either. This Saturday in Heidelburg the second installment of luxury makers market &Friends will be taking place and we are excited.

&Friends was started last year by three friends who had a shared interest in the finer things in life. Luckily one of those friends, Katryn Beaurain, runs Poortjie Saal, a deluxe farmhouse event space with all the classic contemporary comforts that come with the fashion designer’s keen eye. They decided to utilise the space by bringing together their friends crafts and skills, threw in some gin and a few hundred white Chinese lanterns, and the &Friends market was born.

“It started as an opportunity to spend time with creative friends,” says co-founder Johannes van Greunen. “But our vision has since grown into a seasonal occasion that curates South African makers and purveyors of fine food and contemporary craft and design in a styled environment.”

Some of vendors that you can expect on the food front this year are Hydeaway Farm Cheese, Everyday Gourmet Goods, Bao Bao bar, Poortjies own bakes, paella and bunny chows and Frozen Foundry’s popsicle delights.

Homeware from Eatabit’s carved wooden vessels, Greyroom Woven Homeware plush underfoot vibes, Pull The Wool Knitting kits, Dandy Pottery and those loomed Turkish towels from Summah Co.

Not to mention the sartorial stylings from Knapsak Leather goods, Carry Ann Bags, Beaurains’s own label, and jewellery from Kolmio, Moonraker, Milame and Henriette Botha. Lastly, two drinks bars, one smoothie bar and a nail bar by Tenfold Nail Salon.

But there’s more: The entrance is free and for those who like running – they do exist – there is a 5km and 10km trail run on the farm at am but that will cost you a whopping R20.

- Take a 41 minute road trip this Saturday and look for the &Friends Market at Poortjie Saal in Heidelberg from 8am – 3pm. If you can’t make it to this one, fear not, the next one is in Feb, find out more at @andfriendsmarket

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