Fancy chocolate dessert
Fancy chocolate dessert

My friend and I have decided to do a reset of sorts where we eliminate different foods for the sake of restoring our bodies to their finest functioning. Why we decided on restrictions in winter is beyond both of us and has tested both our mettle and mental over the past 12 days, but we press on.

It’s odd that I chose to do this, because I am not a fan of diets, restriction and eliminating food groups in general. Everything in moderation is where I angle my life usually. I generally will have one slice of cake a week but not every week and I usually share the slice. I mostly eat fresh and organic produce and cooking at home is my favourite thing. There is always food at home, our mothers and aunties were not incorrect on that one adage. What’s better is that you know what goes into it.

What I do enjoy about this reset is the awareness it brings to how we eat. It actually is a practice in mindfulness more than anything else. Getting to sugar elimination day on this reset is an interesting exercise. Sugar is in so much. I remember being on conference with a colleague, who became a friend, and she told me that potato chips have sugar in them and gluten. How sneaky. Sugar hides everywhere.

More than reading labels with deep interest and avoiding anything with non-natural sources, I have an unnatural inclination to mainline a pack of gummy sweets in one sitting for reasons beyond actual reason. So, when that detox headache and the withdrawal hits, it hurts. This mindfulness is welcome. 

We enjoy noticing how habitual certain things are and the little rituals we build into the everyday. We miss the ritual of a morning coffee, but you find real joy in the deep sleep and the lowered cortisol levels. The payoff is great.

The one ritual I do not have to forgo is my daily chocolate intake. We are allowed chocolate on this reset, 85%, but that works for me. So, when days got dreary and I wished for something delicious and perhaps even a little nutritious, I rejigged a favourite go to dessert. A little chocolate pot, inspired by Melissa Hemsley. I made it and left out the maple syrup and used almond milk.

Tshepo's chocolate pots
Tshepo's chocolate pots
Image: Supplied

I’ve made it before with all the delicious additions, but I always halve the maple syrup, because I do not enjoy anything too sweet. Now I get to have a reset with dessert. A win for all.

Ingredients: Little Chocolate Pots

  1. 180ml almond or full cream dairy milk
  2. 140g 85% dark chocolate broken into squares
  3. 5 tablespoons of maple syrup (if using)
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract



  • Heat the milk at medium to low temperature for one minute until it’s warmed all the way through
  • Place about 120g of chocolate into a food processor, with the egg, maple syrup and vanilla extract
  • Slowly pour the milk into the food processor on low speed, bit by bit, so you do not cook the egg. Do it slowly until all the milk is combined and you have a silky, chocolatey mixture.
  • Pour the smooth, blended mixture into little glasses, I use espresso cups and put in the fridge to set. Preferably overnight.


Remove from the fridge, grate over the remaining chocolate, sprinkle some Maldon salt over and top with a raspberry if in season and then serve.

It looks so fancy for a midweek at home dessert, but also wows guests and is such a welcome treat all the time.

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