Colmant Cap Classique Brut Chardonnay NV
Colmant Cap Classique Brut Chardonnay NV
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This year, SA’s Cap Classique category celebrated the 50th year since its inception. As New Year’s Eve approaches what better way to celebrate the start of 2022 than with a bottle or two of local bubbly?

Colmant Brut NV

The signature blend from Colmant is a true reflection of the Franschhoek-based winery’s unique style. The nonvintage is a blend of pinot noir (52%) and chardonnay (48%) grapes grown in Franschhoek, Robertson and Elgin.

It’s a sparkling wine of sophisticated freshness and elegance. On the palate expect a fresh, crisp entry with a beautiful balance of citrus fruit notes and a vibrant acidity complemented by a yeasty depth bringing forward notes of freshly-baked bread.

Waterford Estate MCC 2014

A hidden gem within the renowned Stellenbosch winery's extensive and impressive portfolio is their Cap Classique.  A blanc de blancs, it is produced from grapes from a small, high altitude chardonnay vineyard on Waterford which is specifically dedicated to the production of MCC.

The bubbly is aged for six years on the lees and just short of a year under cork, creating the perfect balance between beautiful fruit and classic yeasty brioche notes together with a glorious minerality.

Waterford Estate MCC 2014.
Waterford Estate MCC 2014.
Image: Waterford

Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2016

The famed winery dedicated solely to the production of Cap Classique crafts this superb expression without the use of additional sugar in the dosage — the result is a pure and honest expression of both the wine and the terroir from which the grapes are harvested. A blanc de blancs made from Robertson chardonnay.  

Considered by the winery to be the quintessence of the Graham Beck style, this Cap Classique is bone dry, opening with zesty lemon and autolytic brioche notes with a lingering salinity. The palate is rich and complex yet perfectly balanced by a fresh, racy acidity.

Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2016.
Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2016.
Image: Graham Beck
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