Nespresso Vertuo: For coffee connoisseurs.
Nespresso Vertuo: For coffee connoisseurs.
Image: Supplied/Nespresso

Nespresso’s Vertuo System brings new coffee trends home, at the touch of a button. Patented brewing technology and extensive menu make Vertuo the most versatile choice for coffee lovers who like to experiment. Nespresso is introducing more than 30 coffee capsules to its Vertuo system to empower a new generation of passionate home baristas.

Following a year in which at-home coffee consumption reached new heights, coffee lovers’ sophisticated tastes have pushed the boundaries of at-home brewing. Nespresso’s expanded Vertuo menu has been inspired by local coffee shops, allowing people to choose a variety, style, and size of coffee to match their mood, and ensure Nespresso quality in every cup.

Watch the video below:

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