The Wanted team has been devastated by the impact of Covid-19 on South Africa’s restaurant industry. Like you, we’ve spent a lot of time in our favourite patisseries, steak joints, brunch spots, and the likes. They are our homes away from home, where the food, the staff, and the ambience make us happy. So we want them to survive this nightmare and we’re prepared to support them any which way.

When we saw the artworks being produced for the brilliant Eat Your Walls campaign (a collab between Studio H and Between 10 and 5) we realised this had just got a lot easier. And cooler. The initiative brings together top chefs and artists — the latter having created posters inspired by one of said chef’s recipes. You can buy the posters online or download the file to print them yourself, for a small fee. The money goes to supporting both the chefs and artists.

So far, posters have been created by Fanie Buys and Karen Dudley, Max Bagels and Hoick, Nobhongo Gxolo and Phila Hillie, Dylan Jones and Jade Klara, as well as Sepial’s Kitchen and Anja Venter. A special emergency poster was also designed by Kim van Vuuren to support iconic Cape Town eatery Clarke’s. It’s a stunner. 


Publik x Chris Moore: Tartare.
Publik x Chris Moore: Tartare.
Image: Supplied

Publik has been creating amazing posters for some time now, to advertise new wines, themed menu nights and so on.

Founder David Cope enlisted the help of designer Chris Moore, who has largely been responsible for bringing Cope's briefs to life, and re-affirming Publik’s aesthetic.

The posters have become so popular, that Publik has now decided to sell a range of classic prints for your home or office.

 This article was last updated 8 August 2020.

 From the August edition of Wanted, 2020.

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