Thandeka Nhleko is legal counsel, marketing, innovation and regulatory for Diageo SA.
Thandeka Nhleko is legal counsel, marketing, innovation and regulatory for Diageo SA.
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The Singleton is perfect for those who are unconventional and break boundaries, says Thandeka Nhleko — legal counsel, marketing, innovation and regulatory for Diageo SA. She also tells Wanted about her dream holiday in Switzerland and why cocktails are her weakness. 

What do you most love about The Singleton? It is a well-balanced whisky that is incredibly versatile. It adds flavour to a drink when mixed and is approachable enough to be easily enjoyed on its own.

A little-known whisky fact people should know? The word whisky means “water of life”.

Your dream holiday destination? Switzerland. I would love to explore places like the town of Grindelwald nestled between various mountains; the Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall; take a scenic train ride on the Bernina Express through the Swiss Alps; and visit the Chillon Castle on the shores of Lake Geneva.

What is the first thing you do when you get home? Get into comfortable clothes and listen to a podcast while cooking dinner or laying on my bed.

Who drinks The Singleton? The versatility of The Singleton means it can be enjoyed by anyone, particularly those who are inclined to break boundaries and embrace non-conventional thinking.

How do you enjoy The Singleton served? In a cocktail, which allows to me satisfy my sugar cravings.

What is the biggest emerging market for whisky? I would say women, which is fitting as we are in an era where women are continuously breaking the mould and self-defining their identity and values.

In what way is The Singleton innovative? The Singleton is a single malt like no other. It has the character and flavour profile to appeal to the most discerning whisky drinker while its smooth and unpretentious branding makes it the perfect companion to those exploring the category.

A top tip for women in business? Don’t work to become indispensable but work to have your absence felt.

The most important lesson your parents taught you? Be willing to go the extra mile. Don’t be complacent — there is always room for growth.

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