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Twin sisters Tebo and Lebo Ndala are known for their fun approach to food and cooking, which is backed by serious expertise — they have culinary arts qualifications. With a successful blog and in-demand pop-up culinary experiences and restaurants under the guise of their company With Love from the Twins, a cookbook was naturally the next step in their passion for food, cooking and food styling. The tone is accessible and humorous and the recipes innovative with a focus on giving a local twist to some of their favourite dishes from their travels. A unique element is a chapter dedicated entirely to tea – a taste of the innovative ideas you’ll find throughout the book.

2. SUPERNATURAL by Sarah Graham (Penguin Books SA)

There’s no doubt plant-based and clean eating has moved beyond a fad into a true shift in the way people eat — or at least aspire to eat. South African foodie Sarah Graham offers her usual pragmatic, practical and oh-so-mouth-watering take on vegetables and natural, whole foods, celebrating seasonal produce, good fats and whole grains, pulses and legumes, and foods that are largely free of refined carbohydrates and sugars. There is plenty of inspiration on the beautiful pages of over 130 recipes, whether you’re looking to go natural just on meat-free Mondays or have made clean eating a way of life. There’re even some recipes for those with a sweet tooth.

3. MINDFUL EATING by Izelle Hoffman (Struik Lifestyle)

Food as preventative medicine is having a moment as a spin-off from the trend for healthier eating. Izelle Hoffman is on a mission to educate people about eating for optimum health. She delves into the properties of a variety of ingredients, from vegetables to herbs and honey. As a celebrity chef and food editor, she’s adept at getting her message across and this is a book you’ll want to dip into on a regular basis.

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4. ALL SORTS OF ONE-DISH WONDERS by Chantal Lascaris (Penguin Random House)

If the mere thought of doing the post-cooking clean-up is enough to have you emptying a cereal box rather than whipping up a meal, then this cookbook is for you. Packed with recipes that can be cooked in one dish, they prove that there is nothing unsophisticated about the one-pot meal. Lascaris encourages cooks to cut down on time, effort and dishwashing, without sacrificing taste or nutrients, with a focus on fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients. Releasing in March.

5. JAN – THE JOURNAL by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Not a book so much as a high-end glossy magazine, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen one of South Africa’s most internationally acclaimed chefs, produces a periodical packed with recipes, insights into his culinary adventures, inspiring ideas for entertaining and even a short story or two (there’s one by acclaimed author Marita van der Vyver). Its sumptuous photography and intimate look into Van der Westhuizen’s life make Jan – The Journal a must-have for all serious foodies. Volume 4 is out now.

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