Chef Tang Xibing of the Duck Laundry
Chef Tang Xibing of the Duck Laundry

Chef Xibing’s new tasting menu at Duck Laundry takes dinner guests on a journey through the specialities that have put Duck Laundry on the island’s gastronomic map. Make your way through a vast selection of dim sum; sample noodles from the live making station; experience fiery Sichuan dishes and flavour-packed Chinese barbecue; and, naturally, pancake-wrapped Peking Duck straight from the wood-fired oven. With Duck Laundry’s elegant atmosphere and a superb selection of Chinese teas and Asian spirits, you could easily be in downtown Chengdu. We asked Chef Xibing to share some thoughts on modern Chinese food.

What is modern Chinese cuisine? Modern Chinese Cuisine is based on traditional cuisine and the integration of Asian and European style cuisine. It is more up to the quality of modern diners.

What creates the magic in a bowl of DanDan noodles? Originally from Sichuan, the traditional Dandan Noodles is done with the machine, now we improve the procedure to handmade craft of Dandan Noodles. It has the fusion of sour, sweet, spicy and crispy.

What is your favourite modern Chinese dish? The Beijing Roast Duck

If we were going to Beijing next week, where would you send us to eat great modern Chinese food? If you were going to Beijing, I suggest you go to Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant. There are lots of branch restaurants in Beijing, and also a few Michelin starred ones.

What dish do you dream about? The dishes with the perfect combination of visual and taste.

What is the one Chinese ingredient you really don’t like? Aginomoto (a powder that contains MSG). It is not good for the health, so I never use it.

What do you eat when you’re not eating Chinese food? Thai food, because it is spicy enough. Haha!

What is your "desert island" flavour enhancer? (lemon, salt, chilli, garlic, etc. If you could choose only one, which would it be?) If I can choose only one, it would be salt, salt is the king of all tastes.

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