This restaurant is the third instalment from James Diack of Coobs and The National fame, but The Federal is slightly different — overall it has a much
more relaxed, easy-going feel.

The new space in Melville, Johannesburg takes on an American deli style of eating, and is the type of spot where a quick glance at the menu confirms that
you will be returning — there are simply too many inviting choices. Even the simple beef burger layered with cheese is succulent and full of flavour.

The meat and produce is ethically sourced, mostly from Diack’s family farm. Diack and his family are passionate about tracing the provenance of his food
and The Federal is one of the few restaurants in South Africa that can accurately trace up to 90% of its ingredients. The hotdogs are Diack’s favourite, and definitely a must-eat. “Our hotdogs are an acorn-fed, freerange sausage in a brioche and are available as Asian with kimchi and wasabi mayo. There’s also the New York, with pickle mustard, red kraut, and homemade tomato ketchup; or the Dog of the Day,” he says.

And lastly, a meal here isn’t considered complete without a slice of Smores or Pumpkin Pie. We highly recommend either — or both!

November 2016

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