Lily Pad ring.
Lily Pad ring.
Image: Supplied

When it comes to Kirsten Goss, all that glitters is definitely gold. The Lily Pad ring was named “Most Beautiful Object in South Africa” at Design Indaba 2012, and the high-end, every-day jewellery pieces are the perfect items for your wish list. Taking up its residency at Hyde Park Corner with a newly launched store, Kirsten Goss jewellery specialises in limited-edition and one-off pieces manufactured by an in-house team of goldsmiths, using a variety of unusual gemstones and fine materials. The store has been described as “fun, sophistication, and luxury all rolled up into one luscious experience.” We can’t think of anything better to find waiting under the tree. Visit the new Kirsten Goss store at Hyde Park Corner, Corner William Nicol Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue.

 From the December issue of Wanted 2021.

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