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What inspired you to start the Aguaclara brand?

What really pushed us to start the brand was the social and economic situation in Peru in 1989. At that time, there was no opportunity to shop for local swimwear in Peru. Despite having almost 2,500km of beautiful beaches, Peruvians were only able to get swimwear from Brazil. So, we saw an opportunity to start a swimwear business back then. 

Why did you choose resort wear?

Through resort wear we get to make garments that a woman can use on any occasion, and we love that. Our collection is a complete resort proposal for summer days and nights. This is a lifestyle concept, where bikinis, one-pieces, dresses, exotic tunics, and beach gowns complement each other and can be taken straight from the beach to sunset parties and evening cocktails. These spectacular pieces, made of the finest materials, embrace boldness, femininity, sensuality, and elegance.

What is your creative process when conceptualising and designing a new collection? We start by attending international beachwear fairs in Europe, as well as other general fashion fairs. After getting loads of inspiration about trends, we begin to design our own prints, always interpreting them through our own lens of Latin artistry. Once our files and designs are ready, we send them to Italy to be printed on lycra, viscose, and silk. Afterwards the printed fabric is sent back to Peru and we start producing our collection pieces.

What is the general mood in swimwear/resort wear for 2022?

Versatility and timelessness are the most important moods, and our collection pieces are also very easy to wear. We offer loose pieces that can be worn in many sizes and, most importantly, by any body type. With our 2022 collection you can fit more than 20 outfits in just a carry-on bag.

What elements make up the perfect swimwear piece?

The three most important elements are fabric, construction, and shape. The fabric should have the perfect mix of elasticity and support. In terms of construction, the elastic seams, straps, and cups should be fitted correctly so the piece is comfortable. It is crucial to keep shape in mind, depending on how the piece will be used and the body type of the customer. For a swimsuit, I would suggest choosing a fabric that feels good to the touch and that has enough elasticity. You should always check the seams and leg, waist, and neck measurements to ensure that it is comfortable enough to wear for many hours.

Why did you shoot your latest campaign in a South African setting?

We see our 2022 South African launch as the next big step in make Aguaclara international and expanding to markets in the US and Europe. We are also very interested in Africa as a potential new market. 

 From the November edition of Wanted, 2021.

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