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When it comes to local threads, no other designer has local fashion lovers constantly in awe like Thebe Magugu has.

The young design genius recently left social media users awestruck with tidbits from his recent Paris Fashion Week collection, when he shared the incredible innovation that went into one of the fabrics he crafted.

“I am so proud of this fabric we developed, not only because it kills 99% of all viruses that land on its surface (tested with Covid-19) but because it has entirely been produced in SA. This is the crafted work of hands from so many hands and minds,” Mgugu said in a Twitter post.

For the spring/summer 2021 collection, the LVMH Prize winner showed a fashion film titled Alchemy, which explored the changing faces of African spirituality. Named the Anti-viral Yarn Coat, the impressive look was one of the many outfits sported by Magugu’s heroines who starred in the retro film.

Locally produced, the coat was made in collaboration with Hinterveld SA, which is a leader in producing rare and natural fibre products, as well as Svenmill, which has been a top supplier of décor and furnishing.

“I think the idea of feeling protected is so relevant to not only the times we are in but the inspiration of the collection as well, which deals with the changing face of African Spirituality. Personally, I do tend to live in fear but what always overrides that is the protection I know I have from my ancestors (and my late grandmother Matiego Magugu) — ga ba batle niks ka na shem (they always protect me). Unseen forces are always at play,” he said in a recent Instagram post.

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