La Prairie Pure Gold Collection.
La Prairie Pure Gold Collection.
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If you believe your skin deserves the best, why not slather it with gold? Inspired by the golden hour in the Swiss Alps, La Prairie’s Pure Gold collection uses the power of gold to infuse the skin with resplendent radiance and is a luxurious homage to the beauty of nature. “The fleeting moment of the Golden Hour in the Crown of the Alps inspired us to try to recapture its radiance and impart it to the skin and gold gave us the possibility to do this,” says Dr Jacqueline Hill, La Prairie director of strategic innovation & science. 

“This metal provides radiance bestowing it to the skin and helps revitalise the skin and bring long-term skin reconstruction. This allows us, as scientists to contribute to La Prairie’s quest for timeless beauty.”

A powerhouse trio, comprising a radiance cream, eye cream, and concentrate; this collection is not just about the aesthetics but packs some results-driven formulations too. Using the Pure Gold Diffusion System, an exclusive La Prairie technology, that works in a three-peak action sequence, the active ingredients are slowly released by submicron gold particles using delayed infusion into the deeper layers to replenish, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin. Expect luxurious creamy textures that will create a golden glow, smooth out the skin surface and even out tone.

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance cream, 50ml (R14,650); La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, 30ml, (R14,650); La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance eye cream, 20ml (R10,990) at selected Woolworths.

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ETH Zurich x La Prairie

As one of the world’s leading forces in studying the effects of climate change, ETH Zurich is the ideal long-term partner to give tangible substance to the brand’s purposeful and long-term vision. 

La Prairie’s new role as a patron of glaciology research at the university will support two groundbreaking ice monitoring initiatives.

The monitoring of glacier gains and losses is conducted twice a year — at the end of winter and summer. ETH has recently launched a new monitoring initiative that will allow for real-time monitoring throughout the year, providing more accurate measurements. The ETH scientific experts will yield 3-D information of the glaciers’ interiors to detect possible water clusters that can cause flooding if released suddenly. 

By monitoring glacier melt and identifying possible hazards, the ETH will provide essential findings, instrumental for understanding the impact of climate change on glaciers and anticipate positive solutions for tomorrow.

These ETH initiatives, the starting point of many other joint projects and ventures directly supported by La Prairie, not only strive to protect Switzerland’s iconic landscape for generations to come, they also pave the way for other mountainous regions across the continents to use this research. It will help ensure the preservation of these frozen landscapes, an essential part of the awe-inspiring alpine scenery which inspired the Pure Gold Collection — from Switzerland to the world.

An artistic contemplation of time and space

Between abstraction and figuration, Hong Kong-born artist Carla Chan creates escapist experiences, projecting the spectator into a sensorial world in which movement predominates. To achieve this, she plays with the notion of time, the essential component of her artistic practice.

Carla Chan was invited for an artist residency — the first of its kind for La Prairie — amid the pristine Swiss landscapes facing the magnificent Matterhorn: The Monte Rosa Hut.

An architectural jewel in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the hut welcomed Carla to reflect on this majestic environment, the theatre of countless variations of landscapes living with the rhythm of nature and the cycles of light. Named “Rock crystal” for its reflective aluminium exterior walls, the hut subtly blends its modernist lines with the alpine peaks. This fascinating edifice designed by ETH Zurich — which La Prairie has supported since 2019 — is energy self-sufficient, making it a symbol of environmentalism.

For La Prairie, the artist captured and recreated the golden hour: that moment that signals the close of day, in which light transcends the landscape in a glowing choreography of colours. The idea was to capture the movement of time, revealed by the curve of the light. By turns gentle, revealing, radiant, and all-encompassing, it simmers to a golden glow just before sunset. Simultaneously, shadows dance and redefine the space before disappearing.

It is this moment when all lines are transfigured by the golden beams of light that Carla Chan showcases in her installation commissioned by La Prairie: Space between the Light Glows. By recreating the golden hour, Chan offers a moment of profound beauty that invites contemplation. Time and space merge, providing a sense of the eternal.

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