Finding Opportunity by Fields (styling Sahil Harilal).
Finding Opportunity by Fields (styling Sahil Harilal). 
Image: Judd van Rensburg

High-end, sustainable menswear designer label Fields was conceived in 2018 by Mikael Hanan. Based out of its airy and playful flagship store in The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town, Fields is reimagining winter with artistic flair and inspiration.

For its fourth collection, titled Finding Opportunity, it partnered with Cape Town-based artist and architect Renée Rossouw, known for her abstract compositions, to create a wearable piece of art.

This knitwear piece depicts a morning moment on the beach — the vast horizon of the ocean melding into the warmth and depth of the beach sand creates a harmonious connection to nature. A veritable collector’s item, it is constructed from 80% Responsible Wool Standard-certified Merino wool and 20% traceable kid mohair. Best of all, if you pull a thread, Fields will happily repair your garments in store. Lovely.

 From the April edition of Wanted, 2021.

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