Pasha de Cartier eau de toilette.
Pasha de Cartier eau de toilette.
Image: Supplied/Cartier

Launched in 1992, the Pasha de Cartier eau de toilette became the symbol of an era, with a hedonistic trail that explores all the facets of lavender: aromatic, mineral, ozonic.

A sophisticated, sensual fougère accord, this new edition of the Pasha de Cartier fragrance features depth and warmth from the addition of amber. The fullness emerges and the heat spreads, woody like a crackling fire, smooth with sandalwood notes.

A scent in keeping with today’s generation, a talented community who owes its success to bold choices. Their creative and expansive vision of the world allows this exceptional pairing. A great classic, the Pasha de Cartier perfume, is partnered with an utterly contemporary and off-beat allure.

The bottle expresses this energy with its extraordinary design and distinctive Cartier codes:

  • the metallic gleam of the three bands that encircle the cap;
  • the lid topped with a blue cabochon inspired by the winding crown of the Pasha de Cartier watch; and
  • the gadroons that add structure and upend the dynamic of the bottle. 


La Panthère eau de parfum.
La Panthère eau de parfum.
Image: Supplied/Cartier

Created in 2014, La Panthère fragrance dared to revisit the legendary chypre with an innovative feline-floral accord born out of pure, mesmerising gardenia and sensual notes of musk.

The fragrance, designed by Mathilde Laurent, is a new addition to La Panthère olfactory repertoire, intensifying the feline, floral accord of the original eau de parfum.

The panther awaits within, the sensual heroine of a solar sillage, floral yet feral, like a love trap set by the most irresistible of creatures. Greats such as Theophrastus and Dante celebrated its scent, the most seductive in the animal kingdom.

A wave of added warmth enhances the aura of this radiant icon. The velvety gardenia with its musky sensuality is diffused and amplified with a note of apricot-coloured osmanthus.

More sensual than ever, the panther proudly makes its appearance, filled with warm tones, the royal highness of a magnetic wake.

An elegant, feline creation which Cartier expresses through the panther’s faceted head, sculpted into three fragrance bottles, from 25ml to 75ml.

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