Non-surgical beauty treatments, such as microneedling and dermal fillers, are growing in popularity.
Non-surgical beauty treatments, such as microneedling and dermal fillers, are growing in popularity.
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Dr Anushka Reddy, Medi-Sculpt Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Solutions

Dr Anushka Reddy is the professional we trust when it comes to halting time in its tracks. “Recently, male patients have shown an increased interest in non-surgical facial treatments,” Reddy says. “The use of non-surgical treatments can create an almost facelift-like effect, giving men a refreshed appearance within their lunch hour. Our most popular male cosmetic treatments are botulinum toxin to soften frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet; dermal fillers to add volume to the chin and jaw line (think Brad Pitt); and chemical peels to reduce pore size, treat oily and rough skin, and give a healthy-looking complexion,” she says. “During their consultations, many men tell us that the frown lines between their eyes have become a permanent feature and people often tell them they look stressed, even when they are not. Men want subtle, natural results that give them a refreshed appearance rather than results that would make people ask, ‘What have you had done?’”


Dr Chetan Patel, George Surgical Centre 

While perky breasts are still a coveted set of, erm, assets, there’s been a shift towards a more natural-looking or “perfected” version of what you’ve got rather than an unrealistic fantasy-Barbie pair. Coming highly recommended by the best aestheticians in the business, Dr Chetan Patel is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 10 years’ experience specialising in hand and upper-limb surgery. “I had the great pleasure of working with Dr Patel and, besides being an amazing human being, he is an exceptional surgeon. If I were to have any plastic surgery myself, I would only go to Dr Patel,” says fellow aesthetician and founder of Skin iD, Sonette Donker.

Dr Patel will handle your breast surgery, as well as body contouring, tummy tucks, fat grafting and rhinoplasty. We especially like Patel’s professional philosophy, which is “to provide my patients with a safe, confidential, yet relaxed environment in which to share thoughts on their reconstructive and aesthetic needs without prejudice”.


Dr Judey Pretorius, Biomedical Emporium

Dr Pretorius is right up front in our little black book of skincare gurus. The founder of skincare brand Biomedical Emporium, she knows the inner workings of the skin and has used that knowledge to formulate the product solutions you need for a multitude of skincare concerns such as pigmentation, scarring, ageing, and repair. If you were an acne-prone teenager and acne scarring, coupled with uneven skin tone and pigmentation marks, are your big concern, contact Dr Pretorius. One micro-needling treatment that comprises skin-growth-factor serums as well as serums that enhance the cellular energy (within the mitochondria of the cell) will immediately stimulate new collagen and elastin fibre synthesis — and is just one of the many solutions that she offers.


Ingrid du Plessis, Laserderm

If your nose needs a little tweak but you need to be in and out of the treatment room with little to no downtime, look no further than Ingrid Du Plessis, laser training officer at Laserderm in Parkhurst. Well versed in aesthetic treatments, skincare, and giving realistic, subtle results, she injects Botox into problem areas to correct the nose’s shape and relax any muscles that are causing the tip of the nose to dip or look undesirable to the patient.

The great thing about this procedure is that it’s non-surgical so nose jobs are no longer laborious, and the end result is evident but still natural-looking. This treatment isn’t permanent and does require the maintenance of going back to reinject, but if you aren’t happy with your new nose for some reason, there is always the chance to revert to your unaltered state or change it again with no regrets.


Sonette Donker, Skin iD Skin Studio

Actors, beauty editors, and influencers have Donker on speed dial for good reason: the founder of Skin iD provides effective skin treatments that you can fit into your lunch break. As most of her clients are busy professionals, Donker uses Dermaceutic products, such as the milk peel that only takes about 30 minutes, and will transform skin and keep it looking life-proof. Along with peels, Donker also performs non-invasive treatments such as Dermapen (micro-needling), which is a client favourite. “This treatment is by far one of my most popular. A numbing cream is applied and then an electric pen is used with a head of a minimum of nine needles to puncture small holes in the skin, allowing for optimum serum penetration and the regeneration of the skin. It’s wonderful for the treatment of acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity, dehydration, large pores, and wrinkles.” says Donker.

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 From the October issue of Wanted 2020.

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