If your supplies are low or you just need a pick-me-up, shop the African Sales Fragrance Clearance Sale online.
If your supplies are low or you just need a pick-me-up, shop the African Sales Fragrance Clearance Sale online.
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I think one of the most fascinating things about perfumes is how they change with each person’s skin chemistry. I’ve always thought of them as verbs, not nouns. Truth, I’ve found, is much the same. — Erica Bauermeister, The Scent Keeper 

As summer approaches, the scent of jasmine lingers in the air and wisteria blooms. And soon, the dewy petrichor of rain-filled Jozi afternoons will wash away the feeling of being stuck inside, something we’ve all been subjected to during this topsy-turvy pandemic. The truth is that it doesn’t make a difference where a scent comes from, fragrance is emotional, provocative and even transformative — it invokes memories: freshly baked bread, coconut-infused suntan lotion, your favourite perfume to remind you that we weren’t always in quarantine … even during lockdown, the simple act of dabbing perfume on your wrists brings familiarity.

Many fragrance fanatics have taken the time to rediscover the beautiful bottles sitting on their vanities and connect with once-loved scents. Others are overcompensating with stronger aromas to combat the day-to-day simplicity. Why? Bras may be gone but skincare and scent are the ultimate form of self care. Perfume is a part of our personal identity and in a sea of sameness, it’s a way to express ourselves fully.

Not just fragrance, but a little daub of lipstick or flourish of eyeliner can be the instant moodlifter you need to kickstart your morning. If your supplies are low or you just need a pick-me-up (and who doesn’t at this point?), you’ll be thrilled to know that The African Sales Fragrance Clearance Sale that you all know and love is now on and online. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a measure to protect the health of its customers and staff, the online clearance sale replaces the Urban Tree sale this year.

Visit the website and shop by brand or visit each category to fill up your shopping cart with everything from the most luxurious brands of prestige fragrance, make-up foundation and brow gel to nail accessories, bath and body products, skincare ranging from dermatological to sun protection creams and decorware for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room, all for a fraction of the original price. 

Lines? Skip ‘em. Free shipping? For every order (within SA) over R750. If you’re based in Johannesburg, you also have the option of using click-and-collect to pick up your order in Woodmead. Even if you’re shopping from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland or Lesotho, you’ll be able to take advantage of The African Sales Fragrance incredible clearance sale.

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