Goodleaf store on Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.
Goodleaf store on Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.
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CBD (or cannabidiol) is the nonintoxicating component of the cannabis plant. It is believed to be in combating inflammation in skin, aching muscles, pain or curb anxiety or sleep disorders as well as provide an overall sense of wellbeing.

Our top picks:

1. Goodleaf

If you are all about the aesthetics and the results; then Goodleaf products are the ones to add to cart right now. Expect your bathroom or vanity to look particularly luxe with one of these deep green, frosted glass bottles decking the surfaces. With products such as CBD drops, vapes, CBD-infused water and skincare products such as face masks, hand creams, serums, washes and after-sun care — this brand is an all-rounded lifestyle addition.  

2. Kush Kush

If you’re mostly a fan of smoking, but also enjoy the added skin and wellness benefits of CBD then Kush Kush is the one to know. Female-owned, local and unapologetically self-proclaimed the “womxn in weed” tribe; this brand allows you to enjoy a variety of lifestyle items and CBD tools from grinders to pipes. The wellness offering features products such as a CBD skin rub that eases aching muscles and combats inflammation as well as face oil that holds a range of uses from being a daily moisturiser, make-up remover to calming anxiety.  

3. Alchemy Elixzar

Vegan, eco-cert natural, cruelty-free and sustainable, Alchemy Elixzar, is the CBD product range for the very conscious consumer in search of holistic wellness. With roots in the medicinal and acupuncture fields, the brand has a wide lifestyle offering with CBD products such as skincare, oil ingestibles and even a professional salon range. From hand sanitiser and face masks to serums and beard oils, Alchemy Elixzar is where we will be headed to soothe inflammation and get a feeling of overall wellbeing.  

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