Nuxe Bio Organic has given priority to active ingredients derived from green technologies.
Nuxe Bio Organic has given priority to active ingredients derived from green technologies.
Image: Supplied/Nuxe Bio Organic

The new era of beauty celebrates the omnipotence of nature with this certified organic skincare range: the potential of natural-origin active ingredients is amplified by green technologies, with their 100% natural scented textures blending into the skin. 

Discover a socially responsible side of beauty, encompassing every aspect of the product life cycle, from formula to packaging.

Active ingredients derived from green technologies

Nature is an open-air laboratory, and its diversity offers the most effective active ingredients to those able to discern their potential. This is the very core of the Nuxe group’s expertise. For this new-generation certified organic skincare, Nuxe Bio Organic has selected ultra-effective natural origin active ingredients to meet the skin’s essential needs. 

Nuxe has given priority to active ingredients derived from green technologies, selecting the extraction or processing method most suited to each plant, to reveal its potential with minimum environmental impact. The extracts obtained offer visible effectiveness for beautiful skin. 

Eco-designed formulas

Nuxe Bio Organic skincare products are formulated in France and certified organic by Ecocert based on an ultra-stringent charter (Cosmebio specifications or Cosmos reference).

The products contain on average 99% natural-origin ingredients and more than 52% organic ingredients, using 100% botanical oils and 100% natural-origin scents. Active ingredients with genetic traceability tested by DNA analysis have been selected. Nuxe Bio Organic gives priority to local production and sustainable supply networks, together with extracts obtained using green technologies.

These processes do not involve the use of chemical solvents and limit pollutant waste. Each active ingredient goes through a stringent selection process taking into account its geographic origin, together with its harvesting and production conditions. We carefully select its suppliers, paying particular attention to their commitment to environmental protection.

Nuxe Bio Organic products are suitable for vegans. The formulas do not contain ingredients or derivatives of animal origin and, in keeping with European regulations, no products or ingredients are tested on animals. They have been approved and registered by The Vegan Society.

The products contain on average 99% natural-origin ingredients and more than 52% organic ingredients.
The products contain on average 99% natural-origin ingredients and more than 52% organic ingredients.
Image: Supplied/Nuxe Bio Organic

Eco-designed packaging

Nuxe Bio Organic products are manufactured in France in Ecocert-certified production facilities, which comply with stringent, controlled ecological standards. The packaging was created in partnership with an expert eco-design organisation. Recycled materials are used for packaging where possible: 90% recycled glass for the 50ml jars, between 25% and 30% recycled glass for the 30ml/100ml bottles, and 15ml jars. 

This enables a lower melting temperature to be used in the ovens. The production of the 50ml jars allows for a 30% reduction in climate change impact relative to the production of a conventional glass jar. For containers requiring protection, we have selected cartons made from FSC-certified paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, containing an optimum blend of new and recycled fibre.

“Eco” designs, with no impact on recycling, are used as a priority, such as solvent-free translucent water-based lacquer, or organic silkscreen printing on the 50ml jars.

End of life: biodegradability and recycling 

Nuxe Bio Organic rinse-off products are easily biodegradable and product packaging is mostly recyclable. Glass packaging is selected where possible: it has the advantage of being 100% infinitely recyclable, without any loss of quality. The plastic bottles (PET and PP) and cartons are also recyclable.

Discover nine certified organic skincare products, with no compromise between responsibility, effectiveness and pleasure:

Ultimate night recovery oil

Rice oil extract combines its repairing properties with those of organic botanical oils (avocado, sesame, jojoba, macadamia), to immerse normal-to-dry skin in comfort all night long. This simulates the natural nutrition system, for a smooth, radiant complexion upon waking.

Blé Noir moisturises effectively and corrects signs of fatigue.
Blé Noir moisturises effectively and corrects signs of fatigue.
Image: Supplied/Nuxe Bio Organic

Essential antioxidant serum

Blends into the skin, with its highly concentrated antioxidant properties of chia seed extract and natural stabilised vitamin C. Preserves youthful skin and reveals radiance, while offering protection from everyday harsh external factors. Boosts the signs of youthful skin.

Micellar cleansing water

Micellar water with moringa seed extract eliminates impurities, sebum and pollution particles, with its 100% natural-origin cleansing base. It effectively removes make-up from the face and eyes, leaving the skin fresh and radiant. An essential step for both men and women.

Glow rich moisturising cream

A vitamin-rich, velvety caress for normal-to-dry skin, with a 24-hour moisturising effect owing to citrus cells and softening botanical oils (argan, macadamia, apricot) revives the skin’s natural radiance.

Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles reviving eye care

This rich balm combines Breton buckwheat and natural-origin Vitamin E to protect the delicate eye contour area. It moisturises effectively and corrects signs of fatigue: fine lines are smoothed, puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced.

Skin correcting moisturising fluid

This fluid with marine algae extract and natural-origin hyaluronic acid optimises the moisturising effect and skin quality day by day. It offers a fresh, matt finish, with a light texture, correcting imperfections.

Nuxe Bio Organic products are suitable for vegans.
Nuxe Bio Organic products are suitable for vegans.
Image: Supplied/Nuxe Bio Organic

Radiance detox mask

This sensorial gel with sesame seed oil and citrus extract detoxifies the skin to activate radiance. Its texture transforms into an oil when massaged, then into a milk, to rinse off in the blink of an eye, revealing a delightfully fresh complexion.

Micro-exfoliating cleansing mask

This creamy mask has a double exfoliating action: physical exfoliation with powdered fruit kernels and chemical exfoliation with 100% botanical salicylic acid to cleanse, purify and refine the skin’s texture, while preserving its balance.

Replenishing nourishing body oil

Intensely sensual, with its delicate orange flower scent and non-greasy finish, this oil is perfect for a sublime massage. It blends hazelnut, sesame, safflower and sunflower oils to nourish and replenish dry skin: softness, elasticity and optimum comfort restored.

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