Saint d’Ici Hand Sanitiser, 50ml, R150.
Saint d’Ici Hand Sanitiser, 50ml, R150.
Image: Supplied

Aren’t you totally over having irritated, sanitiser-dehydrated hands all day? Johannesburg-based niche parfumerie Saint d’Ici is taking matters into their own … hands by making its own hand sanitiser. Staying true to the house’s natural-ingredients philosophy, the formula uses high-grade perfumer’s alcohol derived from sugar cane, which is kinder to your skin, and star anise oil, which not only provides a bitter-spicy sweetness but is also a natural antiviral. Grab this 50ml spray bottle pocket treat with all the Saint d’Ici aesthetics that we love at the Brik Café, Rosebank or shop online.

 From the June issue of Wanted 2020.

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