A scarf is a great accessory to uplift your outfit
A scarf is a great accessory to uplift your outfit
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Your look is never complete unless you are wearing a much-loved accessory. This item can be used to accentuate your overall look or can be worn as a star piece. Here’s how you can use accessories to MAKE your look:


Once a music festival favourite, and loved for its utilitarian appeal, this ’90s staple has found its way back to mainstream fashion. You can style a black leather bum bag over your trench coat, paired with a crisp white shirt, for a classic look. If you feel like wearing this item into the night, get yourself one in velvet to add a luxe touch.


While there are tons of ways to wear this item creatively, there are also tons of ways to wear it disastrously. The question to ask is, does it flatter my figure? Knowing what works on your body can help with selecting the right items to wear. Pair your waist belts with an A-line skirt and shirt to get the perfect tucked-in look (with no lumps on the sides). You can also style belts over your coat with a heel knee-high boot to get the ultimate New Yorker chic look.


Wear it on your head, around your neck or tie it around your handbag for added detail – there is no end to how you can style this nifty item. You can use a scarf to add colour to your monotone ensemble, for example, when wearing a black suit; with a black T-shirt and white sneakers for a laid-back look or go for a printed scarf to bring a pastel look to life.


Layering your accessories can be as much fun as layering your clothes, however, the term more is more does not mean you should wear your extra-large hoop earrings with your stacked necklaces and a multitude of rings at the same time. Get the most out of these necklaces by pairing them with turtlenecks to uplift a neutral-colour look. You can also wear necklaces with a classic deep V-neck tennis sweater, paired with denim jeans and court shoes.

Stacked necklaces
Stacked necklaces
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Although hats have been a staple item in men’s wardrobe forever, they can be tricky for women to pull off. The key to rocking the right hat, without everyone thinking you are hiding a bad hair day, is pairing it well with the rest of your outfit. If you are wearing your torn jeans and a lightweight knit top, add a baseball cap to get the athleisure look. Hats are also a great way to play with proportions, for example, you can pair your wide-brim hat with a figure-hugging blazer and an A-line skirt to pull off the classic Dior “New Look”’ from the late ’40s.

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