Music and fashion have always been intrinsically linked, connected to a universal zeitgeist that powers creatives from every sphere to integrate and connect.   

Two luxury Swiss watch making icons Tag Heuer and Raymond Weil have channelled this zeitgeist for their latest collaborations choosing to honour fashion and music legends Bella Hadid and Bob Marley.

Designed in collaboration with the House of Marley, Raymond Weil presents the limited edition Bob Marley Tango 300.

The time piece takes its colour palette from the Ethiopian flag with green accents on the sub-dials, yellow on the second hand and red on the bevelled minute. 

Produced as a limited 600-piece numbered series, the tango Bob Marley Limited Edition will be available from December 2017 

Bella Hadid has style in her blood. It’s imbued in everything she does- and creates.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that when an icon in watching making created a time piece for her- the result is nothing short of magical. 

Bella is the ultimate culmination of fashion and a spokesperson for the millennial market - a generation TAG HEUER is trying to reconnect with.

Limited to 500 pieces all engraved with Bella’s signature at the back, this one of a kind time piece deserves the top spot in every collection.

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