The junior DB5 has an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.
The junior DB5 has an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.
Image: The Little Car Company

UK scale car gurus, The Little Car Company, have announced another project of pride. The latest miniature creation is the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, the legendary car made famous by Sean Connery playing the fictitious James Bond, this after having worked with Bugatti to create the Bebe II.

The 3m long and 1.1m wide DB5 electric junior car has been in development over the last 15 months and Aston Martin says it referenced a 3D scan of an original DB5 to ensure complete accuracy and authenticity.

It designed the car to easily accommodate an adult and a child, seated side by side on bucket seats behind a full black leather interior with carpets. It even has an optional boot to store the back pack. The steering wheel has a racing-style quick release to ease entry and exit. The cars can also be specified to personal tastes.

It’s made of an aluminium honeycomb chassis and a composite body for a rigid platform and weighs about 270kg. The electric power train delivers 5kW to the rear wheels and full throttle on its billet aluminium accelerator causes it reach at top speed of about 48km/h. It has functional headlights, brake lights, indicators and a hooter.

The DB5 Junior sports the same iconic Aston Martin “wings”, “shield” and DB5 badges as the original 1963 model and like its big brother, the dashboard is filled with functional Smiths instruments that have been updated for the modern era.

Available in the same DB5 Silver Birch colour as standard, the junior has selectable driving modes including Novice with just 1kW and a 19km/h top speed, including a remote kill switch that can disable the vehicle at up to 30m.

The dash has authentic instruments from its big brother.
The dash has authentic instruments from its big brother.
Image: Supplied / Business Day

If the enthusiastic novice gets naughty and disappears outside the 30m range, the car will automatically shut down and come to a gentle halt. Expert mode outputs 5kW and a 48km/h top speed.

Prospective buyers who wish to secure one of the limited-edition DB5 Juniors that will go on sale in 2021 can visit to place a deposit on a first come, first served basis. Pricing for the DB5 Junior begins at £35,000 (R775,000). Existing Aston Martin DB5 owners will be given first refusal on their DB5 Junior chassis number to match their full-size car.

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