You can now own a replica of a GT40 from the movie Ford v Ferrari.
You can now own a replica of a GT40 from the movie Ford v Ferrari.
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Once filming had completed, the actual cars used in the Oscar-nominated Ford v Ferrari movie were reportedly sold within 48 hours of going on the market.

But the popularity of the film and its featured cars has culminated in a unique program by Shelby American, Shelby Legendary Cars and Superformance to build and sell duplicates of the cars that starred in the racing flick.

Only 100 of these “Cinema Series” Shelby Cobra roaders, Daytona Coupes and GT40s are to be made. The Cobras and Daytona Coupes will get special Shelby CSX serial numbers and the GT40s will CSGT40 P series chassis numbers. Each of the vehicles will be included in the Shelby Registry.

“The epic story of Shelby American and Ford taking down the powerhouse Ferrari was worthy of a blockbuster film and a line of commemorative cars,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American.

The Cinema Series collection cars will be built to the same specification as those supplied to the movie producers, but will be supplied minus engine and transmission, which can be added by the customer or an installer.

The Cobra roadsters will mimic the blue, white or red units driven by actor Matt Damon as he portrays Carroll Shelby in the movie.

I’ve worked on many exciting projects since I began offering Shelby and Superformance Cars,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Shelby Legendary Cars, Superformance and Hillbank USA.

“Nothing has been as exciting as the opportunity to supply cars for Fox Studio and Disney’s Ford versus Ferrari movie. I really enjoyed working with them and the film is simply incredible. I believe it is the best ‘car movie’ ever.”

The Daytona Coupe will be available in aluminium or fibreglass with the same livery as the CSX2299 car that won at Le Mans in 1964.

The GT40s will come in blue-and-white stripe with orange flashes like the Daytona winner in 1966 or in black like the 1966 Le Mans winner. The products are built under license from trademark holders, adding authenticity and value track proven and built to be street driven.

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Superformance LLC is a distributor for complete "Rolling Chassis" replica and continuation race cars of the 1960's supplied by Port Elizabeth based High-Tech Automotive, the world's largest specialty car production facility.

High-Tech is owned by SA’s Jimmy price and his company has distributed specially constructed cars for sale in the retro-racer mad US since 1996 and also provided some of the vehicles used in the Ford v Ferrari movie.

Prices for the Cinema Series cars start at $98,995 (R1,430,400) for a Shelby Cobra roadster, $179,995 (R2,600,000) for a Daytona Coupe and $89,995 (R2,745,300) for a GT40.

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